A Definiton of Success

The doors at JC Penney in Fargo, ND, opened at 9 a.m. today, and Beth and I were there – showered, dressed, and ready to conquer. The job for the 3.5 hrs following our entrance was to find her a perfect dress.

Four major department stores sit one on each corner of “Wasted Acres,” as Kerry calls the Fargo mall. Beth and I visited them all today. I could give you my opinion on each of them, but I am blogging on my phone. Thumbs doing the typing tends to make for shorter blog posts.

At 12:27 p.m., after trying on over 20 dresses between the two of us, we purchased the dress pictured along with this post. It is perfect!! It was a clearance rack find: Herberger’s – 85% off (originally almost $200). What a deal! And in her size! She looks absolutely stunning in it!

We were successful!! And for today, I am very happy to use this event as a definition for success.