The Huz is a Great Cook!

After a few days of the huz being out of town, things are back to normal here at the parsonage.  Kerry had the opportunity to hang out with others who enjoy two of his passions: Sioux Falls Seminary and pheasant hunting.  I am grateful that he can combine these things in such a fun way.

One of the things that the kids and I notice when he is gone is that our quality of food severely declines.  This time around, Kerry actually cooked in advance for us so that we would have enough leftovers to consume in his absence.  I am able to cook, but the kids pretty much tell me that we are better off when dad is home.

One of the ways that we know Kerry is home is that we all spent some time in the kitchen tonight.  Siah and Beth prepped veggies and added ingredients while Kerry directed traffic and did what he does best – make up recipes as he goes along.  As is usually the case, I did other things that keeps me far from ruining food – dishes and laundry.

Tomorrow we will eat beef stew and chicken noodle soup, and I will know that the man is home.