On the Road Again

Living 5 hours from Kerry’s parents, 5 hours from my dad, and halfway across the country from many relatives, travel is required to see family members. Because of various circumstances, we tend to be the ones who travel to see others.

Tonight is one of those nights when our family packs the car and when we travel a well-known path with dinner and coffee alone the way.

Our destination: Aberdeen, SD
Our purpose on this trip: Kerry’s mom’s birthday celebrarion

Travel is great fun and a huge annoyance at the same time. The journey itself can be so great…for the first 3 out of 5 hours. We love hanging out as a family and love having lengthy conversations. The car is a great place for this! However, at some point, we need to take a walk, but we can’t; we want to sleep, but at least one of us can’t; and we want to use the bathroom, but none are open.

The return journey on Saturday will be just as fun and just as annoying. I will be honest that I am glad that there will be about 40 hours between now and then.