The huz and the boy have i-Stuff (an ipad and an ipod) with software called “Facetime.”  Siah’s ipod just jingled in the dining room, and he said to Kerry, “Oh – I just missed a Facetime from you.”

Then they rang each other up again and had a little conversation with one another via their electronic devices.

While this is not typical in our house, I do wonder if it will become more typical.   I already use texting to communicate from bed when the tv is too loud in the basement.  Why should I get out of bed when I can just send a message?

I think it is interesting that the software is called “Facetime” – as if the developers knew that we need more time in face to face interaction as our electronic devices create more and more ways for us to have fewer and fewer ways of communicating with one another.

I would love to elaborate, but I need to go spend some time in person – face to face – with the huz.