I am FAMOUS!!!!

Late last week, I wrote a post titled, “I Want to Be Famous!”

This is not what I thought would be my moment of fame, but it is.  I will take it!

Yesterday and today – a news story was sent around the “real” news world and in print as well in many places.  It is about my favorite subject: online truancy.

Here are some of the links – it’s all pretty much the same story, though!  And – I cannot stand how my stomach looks in this photo.  Time to go to the gym!

Grand Forks, ND (woot! Hometown!  Go, Sioux!)

Duluth, MN


Sioux Falls, SD


New York




Washington D.C



North Carolina

And I just had a message from KFGO Radio in Fargo, ND…how cool is that!?!?!?!!?

Famous…that’s me.  🙂

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