Widman’s Chocolate–YUMMY!


On our trip to Grand Forks last weekend, the girl and I made a quick trip to the candy shop.  The girl claims she has never been there.  I feel like a bad parent somehow. We went because I needed to pick up some “chippers” for my server-friend-almost-relative from Nonna Rossa’s in Robbinsdale.

Well, the girl was in heaven – and so was I.  Just the smell when you walk in the door makes you think that you might have crossed over between here and there.  I think I might actually like the smell of chocolate more than the taste of chocolate.  The other thing that I came to while visiting the shop and tasting some of the yummies is that expensive chocolate really is better.  I do not consume a lot of chocolate because I can mostly only afford poor quality chocolate, and I do not really like it. The good stuff is really, really good!

It is a good thing that it is expensive otherwise I would eat more! Smile

I have very few other thoughts, but I do have some yummy photos!  You can get them to ship to your home no matter where you live, so beware.  And … if you are ever in the area, stop in … they will give you a sample, and you will spend more than you expected when you walked in the door!

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