Tax Prep=A Total Pain


The picture above is the result of two hours of my work alone and then another 2 hours of work by the kids and me.  This is just the prep for the prep.


I do not think that this should take this long.

8 hours of prep for the prep to give it to the accountant?

Anyone else feeling my pain here?

I do not want to be a whiner (as the boy will say that I am when he reads this), but I feel like things should be easier than this.

One thought on “Tax Prep=A Total Pain

  1. Having done my own taxes every year for the past 45, my prep time is considerably reduced since I have had only a few years where I was able to itemize deductions. The tax code with all its attendant credits and deductions favors those who are in debt rather than living as close to debt free as possible. No bills, no deductions, and therefore no itemizing have been the order of the day for over 15 years. Moving from a full service broker to self directed on line investing provided rapid electronic transfer of the necessary data into the tax forms. Free on line or purchased inexpensive tax software has made things much easier these days. It still takes longer than it should, but hey, I don’t see any political party working on streamlining the tax code.

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