Eyebrow Raising Moments–Round Three

When I am out and about, I see things that make me stop long enough to take the picture.  You just never know when you might see things that make your eyebrows raise, so I am very thankful for the camera in my phone.

The winner – the best thing that made me stop in awe – is the handiwork of workers at the Fridley Cub Foods. Either they are really dedicated to advertising and being relevant, or they had too much time on their hands.


I guess everyone loves a little March Madness.  And I love a little can of Coca-Cola!

The next photo comes from the recommendation of my daughter’s friend.


This really is the best lip gloss every. As it says, it “applies gently to sore lips.”  I felt better just looking at the box; imagine how good it felt actually on my lips!

The last photo for this edition of Eyebrow Raising Moments comes to you from the Maplewood Mall Barnes and Noble store.


Ironically, I was on my way to the bathroom when I passed this book in the children’s section of the store.

Hope your day is great!