House Envy!

Yesterday I had an appointment that had me go down Summit Avenue in St Paul, MN.

Mansions line this street.

Every time I drive down this street I have the same feeling.

House envy…

And the pictures below are of the one that I want the most.


It is for sale!


And I love it…


It even has the secret garden door…

My house envy – the desire to have a great house that I could never in a million years afford – started when the huz attended seminary on Massachusetts’ north shore.  The houses there are amazing!

Years later, I find myself struggling with the same issue of wanting to have a house that I could never afford.

The difference now is that the internet has expanded to have the capacity to have a YouTube video about the house.  Click here to watch the video about the house that I want but that I will likely never have…unless someone wants to hand me the deed to the house.

While the human condition pushes us to want what we cannot have, I do believe in dreaming.  As long as I can be a realist and know that what I want is a dream, I am ok with this.  The problem is when my envy increases to a point that it is no longer healthy.  I am content with the house that I have right now, and I do not need the million dollar house pictured in this post.

And that is the rub, really, isn’t it?

How do we ground ourselves in reality while also allowing ourselves to dream?

Any ideas?

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