In His Image: Genesis 1-10

On Sunday morning, my man started his new sermon series titled “Cover to Cover” with an introductory sermon that asked the question, “What is your story and what difference does it make?”  As soon as I have the live link to the sermon, I will post it here – check back.


cancerHanging in my childhood home is the piece of paper pictured to the left.  The paper has hung there for several years to remind all of us that cancer is powerless.  We need this reminder because cancer seems pretty powerful sometimes.  It is hard not to think that it is powerful when your mother, friend, wife – insert person here – dies because of it, when our loved ones suffer because of it, and when strong medicines – strong enough to kill – fight against it.

But cancer is so limited.

Cancer is limited to our bodies, but the things of true importance in our lives are those that are not limited to our bodies.  They are the intangibles, the hard to describe, those things that cannot be drawn…in the part of speech world, they are the nouns known as “ideas.”

Just because we cannot draw them in a game of Pictionary does not mean that they are not important.  In fact, they are the most important.






Eternal Life…

The Spirit…

We know these intangibles because we are created in the image of an intangible – God the creator.

Though our bodies are tangible, we have intangible written into our coding – our spirit…the very image of God.

Our tangible bodies can decay and die, but our spirit has eternity written into it.

To bear the image of God has intangible aspects that play out in tangible ways.  Our desire to create, fix, inspire, and comfort come from this image-bearing in us.  Our desire for community reflects the fact that we are created in the image of a communal God (see Genesis 1:26).

As image bearers, we have power in us – the power to create or to destroy. 

I think that I often forget that I bear the image of God.  If I remembered this more often, I think I would be discouraged less.  If I remembered this more often, I think that I would do things more intentionally and work toward building community.  And more than anything, I think I would see myself as a beautiful creation – one created to bear the image of the creator for a purpose.

Ephesians 2:10 – For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

May we live in the truth that we are not limited by our tangible selves.  May we remember that we have been created as a masterpiece for a purpose.


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