God Loves Details: Exodus 20-31

Last week, my terrific teens (the boy and the girl) were in a production of The Crucible at their high school.  I have to say that it might be my favorite production so far in their lives.  It stretched them and the others involved, and the quality of the performance was amazing.

I share this not so much to brag (although…that is fun as their mom!) but to reveal yet another unappealing truth about myself.  I try to help with productions any way that I can.  I have worked in the box office, and this year I took on the task of putting together the play bill (program).

I collected all of the necessary parts from many others who contributed to the content of the programs and set out to put them together one morning last week.

Morning turned to afternoon quickly, and I found myself scared that the programs would never be finished on time for printing.  I polished off the rough draft and sent it to another for approval.  He found a few errors.  The director found a errors.  And I set about fixing them.

As the night went on, I found other errors.  Just before I went to bed that night, I sent off the final draft for printing.

And on opening night, I found at least three more glaring errors.

I was so upset.

I expected perfection.

My resume claims that I take great care in the details of the work that I do.

And this is true.

The perfection of the programs mattered to me. They reflect the drama department, the actors, and – of course – me.

As I listened to today’s passage, I realized that this drive for attention to details comes from the very character of God.  Starting with the Ten Commandments and going on for several following chapters, Moses revealed the heart of God.

In Exodus 25, God gave Moses very specific instructions about offerings, the ark, the table, and the lampstand.  God directed their construction, their consistency, and their function.  God provided a pattern for Moses to follow.

God cares about the details.

The problem is that I am not perfect though He is.  I might care a lot about the details, but I will likely not get everything right.

As I wrote these sentences, I realized that I had missed the point completely.

It is true: God cares about the details.

But this does not mean that I have to strive for perfection.

What it means is that God cares about the details…even in something as insignificant as my life.

But there is where my thinking goes astray again…

Because He cares about the details, my life is not insignificant to Him.  He cares about the details, and that means that I am important to Him.

While I do not necessarily believe that God directs traffic in a parking lot in order to create the “perfect” parking spot for me, I do know that He cares about even that detail in my life.

If I know that God cares about the details in my life, why do I share so little of them with Him?

Those dots signify a whole lot of pausing that just happened as conviction came over me as I wrote that last sentence.

My life is pretty full of details, and I need to share them with God, ask for His direction, and allow Him to lead me and to feel with me as I experience life.

When I do that, I will know His presence and understand just how much He loves me.

Oh, how He loves me.

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