It Is For Freedom…

Why would God go through the trouble of bringing out the people of Israel from Egypt?  Why would He continue to lead them through the wilderness even when they built a golden calf to replace Him?


It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. – Galatians 5:1

Though God used the time of slavery in Egypt to preserve the Israelites, to grow their numbers, and to make them a great people, having His people was not part of the long-term plan for them.

God created us to be free…and then the fall came, and humanity spiraled into slavery to sin.  Eventually, His people were enslaved by the Egyptians, but He always planned to free them.

But why?

They were set free for freedom.

It seems so easy while also so complicated at the same time.

And years later, Christ came, died, and rose to set us all free…for freedom.

The problem with us is that, like the grumbling Israelites who begged Moses to allow them to return to slavery in Egypt, we find comfort in slavery.

Comfort?  How so?

Slavery to sin allows us to do things that seem appealing instead of doing the “work” of freedom.  It is easy, it is our nature, and it is common.

Freedom looks so differently from the world around us that freedom seems odd, goes against our nature, and is uncommon.  So many of us – though saved by Christ’s sacrifice and confessed as believers – cannot grasp the wide and broad river of the  freedom provided to us.

As humans, we categorize and weight sins. 

As a young person, I thought that some sins were worse than others.  As I have grown up and learned more, I have realized that sin is sin is sin is sin.

And Christ died for all of it.

And He came to free us from all of it.

And He freed us for freedom…to allow us to move past guilt and to live.

When we live under the slavery of sin or the weight of past sin, we cannot live.  And when we are not living, we are not serving.  We hold ourselves captive, become unable to do what God purposed us to do, and feel miserable.

When we live as freed men and women, we can move forward as purposed individuals without the weight of guilt.

Please do not think that this pastor’s wife has been free from sin.

It is just not true.

Though I may not air my dirty laundry, I have had enough sin in my life.  And I have spent tons of time holding myself in captivity of that guilt.  In fact, there are times that I tell myself that I deserve to be in captivity.

But reading the book of Exodus reminds me again that – though I once was in captivity – God has led me out of that and desires for me to live in the promise of freedom.

Where have you seen God’s freedom in your life?  Do you need to experience it for the first time or again?  What holds you back from being able to live in the truth of God’s freedom in your life?

These topics may be a tad sensitive, so I understand if readers do not comment; however, feel free to talk in vague comments if it would be helpful.

And…here is a song for the day because it is fun.