Because He Said So: Leviticus 11-16

Yesterday was kind of a tough day emotionally, and I shared that without details on Facebook.  As the day went on, I became more weary but also more relieved.

IMG-20130423-01202My 89 year old grandma – who rocks at life – now struggles with remembering things and looking out for her own best interests.  It had become clear quite recently that living on her own was not the best, so we moved her into a “senior living community” that has other people her age, has the supports she needs, and has her own room now filled with many of her favorite things.  She left her apartment yesterday morning and slept in her new bed last night.  As those involved with the move worked, she worked her search-a-word and had her hair done.

My grandma has been a survivor her entire life.  More than, though, she has tried to live rightly with her Heavenly Father.  She has had her share of struggles.  Her husband died at the age of 50, and her daughter died at the age of 53.  Grandma, though saddened by these things, trusted God for comfort and for His ability to work things out in accordance with His will.

I think  – if she had been one of the many Israelites wandering in the wilderness and receiving laws from God – Grandma would have realized that God was hard at work in preserving His people.

Today’s reading is filled with things to do and things not to do.  It is filled with what we typically refer to as THE LAW.  And when we say that, we tend to say it in way that conveys its overwhelming sense of obligation.

Although adherence to the law definitely worked on the obedience factor for the Israelites, it also preserved them and kept them from death, disease, and discord.

The law allowed them to prosper and grow.

Without the information that we have with modern science, the Israelites were able to avoid unhealthy contact.  Though today it may seem odd, the Israelites needed to adhere to the law because they did not have rubber gloves or face masks.  Avoiding disease or separating oneself after being exposed to disease are things that we now take for granted.

But God provided for these in the law.

And His plan worked.

The people multiplied, prospered, and became a great nation.

My grandma’s doctor is someone to whom she will listen without question.  When he told her to restrict her fluid several years back, she followed his command to the point where he recently had to tell her to drink more fluids.  When he told her she could no longer drive, she did not question it.  And yesterday – when his documentation supported her “senior living community” – she agreed to staying there.

Because he said so.

Though the Israelites did not always follow God’s commands from this section of scripture, they still give us a clear example of what it looks like when we follow as well as when we disobey.  As I have listened to the passages of scripture over the past few weeks, the idea that doing what God says because He is the Lord has been impressed up on me.

Like my grandma’s doctor, God knows what is best.  He knew how to preserve His people in the wilderness, and He knows how to preserve me in my wilderness.

As I wander, I do not need to wonder who has my back.  God does.

Because He said so…