Give First to God: Leviticus 17-27

I have a problem.

I do not think that the problem is unique to me, but I still think it is something I must confront rather than allow to go by the wayside simply because lots of us struggle with it.

When I am successful and see monetary implications from that success, I want to celebrate and shower that goodness on myself.  I want to take my family out for dinner, to go on a shopping spree, to plan a vacation…you get the idea.

Rarely is my first thought, “What could God want me to do with this?”

It is possible that He wants me to talk my family out for dinner, to go on a shopping spree, or to plan a vacation.  He is good and wants His children to enjoy His goodness. Good things come from Him, and He delights when we delight.  This is all true.

It is also possible that He wants me to sponsor a table at benefit, to give money to an orphanage in South America, or to take some time off and serve Him in a new and challenging way.

Regardless of what God would have me do with my success –the fruit of my harvest – He for sure wants me to consider His preferences, to consult Him about this, and to consecrate (formally dedicate) the first fruit to His purpose.

There is a lot of content in today’s reading, but this topic is what pulled at my heart in a very specific way.  It is all from God, so I must think of God what should go back to God when God blesses me.

What has struck at your heart in today’s readings or the ones previously?