Cleansing Water: Numbers 15-21

Some mornings, the huz and I actually wake up around the same time and have a good morning conversation. Yesterday was one of those days, and we talked about the book of Numbers – how it is so full of themes, experiences, and challenges.  As he prepares for the sermon on Sunday, he faces a huge challenge of boiling this all down into one “big idea.”

As I contemplated which of the many themes from today’s reading most impacted me, I kept going back to Chapter 19 where it talks about how that which is/was unclean can become clean again.

Sin makes us unclean. Whether we commit one of the “biggee” type sins or one of the sins that we forget are even sins, we walk around being unclean because of the sin in us. 

Unclean is unclean.

This concept is hard for me to wrap my mind around sometimes.  I want to be able to say that I am cleaner than someone who commits one of the “biggee” type sins. The truth is, though, that once we are unclean, we are just not clean.

God wants us to be clean.

And if we are not clean, we are unclean. God doesn’t say, “You are more unclean that your neighbor.”  He simply says, “You are unclean.”

Unclean is unclean is unclean.

But God provided a way for the Israelites to become clean again.  And He – through Jesus – has provided a way for us to do the same.

Father God – thank you for the cleansing water. May it fall fresh on me again and again as I step outside of your will.  Thank you.


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