Week 5: Sermon and Week Together

May 5, 2013
  • Sermon: Created, Chosen, Called – A 40 Year Timeout 
  • Big Idea:  Sin – even forgiven sin – has its consequences from a faithful God!
  • Ending questions:
    • Do you see God’s hand of discipline in your life?
    • This week, will you trust in the promises and discipline of faithful God?

Favorite song that we sang today: Never Once
I do not own rights to this song. Thank you, YouTube!


May 6 – 10, 2013 – Our Week Together

Provided by my pastor huz to our congregation in preparation for the sermon on May 12, 2013

Monday-Friday: Memorize Romans 3:23.  Are you planning on collecting your wages or accepting the gift from a faithful God?

  • Monday:  Read Deut 1-6. How are you passing on the love of God to the next generation?
  • Tuesday: Read Deut 7-16.  What religious practices are the most meaningful to you?  Why? 
  • Wednesday: Read Deut 17-26.  Were the people to obey in order to be the people of God or because they were the people of God?
  • Thursday: Read Deut 27-34.  Do you feel part of God’s people? Why or why not?
  • Friday: How has your view and knowledge of the Law changed during this series? What has made the biggest impact?

These directions and questions will direct my reading and provide beginning thoughts for my posts on the blog this week.