Do Not Forget the Levites: Deuteronomy 7-16

As we are reading through the Bible along with my man’s sermon series in which he gives a sermon on one book of the Bible each week for the next year and a half, there are big chunks of Scripture. There is a lot to each day’s reading, and there would be no way for to write a blog post that encompasses it all.

I blog about what hits me.

And today’s passage had one verse that smacked me across the head because I just love that God addresses it.

In Deuteronomy 14: 27, God tells the people of Israel, “And do not neglect the Levites living in your towns, for they have no allotment or inheritance of their own.”

The Levites were the pastors of the Old Testament. They lived on the gifts of the people, but God was clear that the people should take care of them.

I love that God – in this early time of His people – cared for those set apart to serve Him and minister to “the flock.”

As a pastor’s wife, I know a lot of other pastor’s wives.  I know that some churches take really good care of their pastors (good job!) while others do not do such a great job.  My heart breaks for those whose churches do not see them as a gift and who do not show appreciation.

In a sermon a few weeks ago, my huz told the congregation that he has a new love of Le Creuset cookware. This is true.  He also told them – as a sermon illustration, of course – that we have a  Cuisinart budget.


On Friday, my man came home with box containing a Le Creuset pot. Someone had left this box – addressed to my man – at the church as a gift to him.


This is not an unusual occurrence for us.

We have a very giving church.  Many people shower us with gifts throughout the year, send us notes of encouragement, and show their appreciation.  Whether those in our church know that God commanded them to be generous to their pastor or not, they are.  And for that, I am so thankful. 

If you have a pastor, have you encouraged him or her lately?  If you feel like he or she could do a better job, maybe a bit of encouragement would help.

Because God says so…