Blessings and Curses: Deuteronomy 27-34

The older I get, the more I see things in grey shades.  Issues that seemed very cut and dried when I was a teenager now seem messy, complicated, and need much qualification.

Even as this has happened, however, I have become more sure of one thing and that is that our actions have a lasting impact. There is little to nothing that we do that does not have an impact on someone other than ourselves.  How we lives our lives today follow into the next generations and leave a mark.

Every action is a blessing or a curse.

The section of Scripture assigned for today addresses this idea.  Every action leads to a blessing or a curse. There is no grey to that. There is not an “almost blessing” or a “nearly curse” in the passages.

Generational choices are very evident in my role as dean of students in an online school. This week, I have met with families and attended court for truant students.  While there are students whose families are supportive and have high expectations for their kiddos, many of the ones I meet do not have that. 

A parent who did not graduate from high school may not see the importance of a high school diploma for his eighth grade student. This leads to a lack of discipline around school attendance and eventually lands us all in a courtroom where a judge makes decisions for the child in an effort to get him or her to attend school.

Students without high school diplomas are more likely to end up in jail, on public assistance, or just living under the poverty level.  Studies have shown that the high school diploma right now is an indicator a life filled with blessing or curse.

This is just one example, and there are many…please share them from your own observations or experiences in the comment section.

Blessing or curse. That’s it.  No grey area.

So…how are we going to live?

Will we bless future generations by our actions?  Or will we curse them?