Week 6: Sermon and Week Together

May 12, 2013
  • Sermon: Created, Chosen, Called – LISTEN UP!
  • Big Idea:  God wants what’s BEST for you, so give your BEST to Him.
May 13 – 117, 2013 – Our Week Together

Provided by my pastor huz to our congregation in preparation for the sermon on May 19, 2013


  • Mon-Fri: Memorize Romans 1:16-17.  How have you appeared ashamed of the gospel in the past?  Why?

As we prepare to begin our series on the Gospels and Acts, read these Psalms that are often seen as related to Christ.  Each day consider how they relate to the person and ministry of Jesus.

  • Mon: Psa 2, 89, and 110.
  • Tues: Psa 40, 41, and 118.
  • Wed: Psa 22, 34, 69, and 16
  • Thu: Psa  68, 45, and 96.
  • Fri: Write a Psalms or letter about how you see Jesus today?


  • Praise God that He has created, called, and chosen us to be His people and made this possible through the power of the cross.
  • Pray that we would live faithfully the life to which He has called us, so that many will see and place their trust in Him.

These directions and questions will direct my reading and provide beginning thoughts for my posts on the blog this week.