Always a Good Time to Heal

The book of Mark is an action-packed Biblical record of the workings and teachings of Jesus.  As I read yesterday and today’s readings, I was overwhelmed by how much Jesus did in such a short period of time.

In Mark 3 and again in Mark 5, Jesus heals a number of people.  As I read these passages and (in chapter 3 especially) considered some of the opposition that Jesus had from leaders about these healings, I had one thought.

It is always a good time to heal.

As I write this, I watch the Twitter and Facebook feeds fill up about various events around the world: Oklahoma’s tornado, human trafficking victims being freed, and floods or potential floods throughout the Midwest.  Tragedy upon tragedy calls out for our attention.

And Jesus answered many of those calls to heal.

While complete, physical healing is not always how things go, healing of the mind, spirit, and soul are always possible.  A comforting touch, an understanding look, or a small but very important word can bring healing.

Forgiveness of sins. 

Freedom from guilt. 

And the promise of life everlasting.

My husband says these three phrases in some form or another in almost every church service.  He may include them in a prayer, in his sermon, or in the announcements.  But he says them.

Jesus came to provide total healing from our sinful nature so that we could have relationship with our Creator.

It is always a good day to heal.

Can we follow His example? Can we reach out to another – perhaps one who has offended us?  Can we make today a good day to heal?

…because it is always a good time to heal.