Week 8: Sermon and Week Together

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May 26,2013
  • Sermon series: 5 Angles
  • Sermon title: Upside Down Kingdom
  • Big Idea:  To BEAR the IMAGE of God, one must BEAR the CROSS of Christ!

Reminder: you can hear the sermons online. Click here for the site.

May 27 – 31, 2013 – Our Week Together

Readings and information provided by my pastor huz to our congregation in preparation for the sermon on June 2, 2013.


  • Mon-Fri:  Memorize Matthew 28:16-20. 
    • How can you fulfill the Great Commission this week?


  • Mon: Matthew 1-4
  • Tues: Matthew 5-10
  • Wed: Matthew 11-15
  • Thu: Mathew 16-25
  • Fri: Mathew 26-28


  • Praise God that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to bear our sin on the cross and to demonstrate the true image of God.
  • Pray that we would bear the image of God by bearing the cross of Christ and that many would see Him in us and put their trust in Him.

These directions and questions will direct our reading and provide beginning thoughts for our posts on the blog this week.