On Memorial Day–Remember

by Stacy Bender

The history of Memorial Day is deep and rich. Rather than summarize it, I am going to suggest that you read about it in greater detail by clicking here.

The interesting thing about Memorial Day is that it is meant to honor and remember those who have fallen in defense of the United State of America.  This is specific, pointed, and true.  While many of us broaden this concept to remember any who died, that is not the reason for this particular holiday.

In the readings for today (Matthew 1-4) as my husband preaches through the Bible, the first chapter of Matthew names specific people in the lineage of Christ.  While other people are surely in the lineage of Christ, those named have a particular purpose.

In the same way that Memorial Day has a singular purpose, so too the lineage chapter of Matthew has a singular purpose.

But  there is more to the Biblical story than lineage in the past.  There is lineage in the future.

On Saturday, friends and family of my 89 year old grandmother gathered at a funeral to remember her and to celebrate her life.  In both the eulogy by cousin and the sermon by my husband, threads of similarities ran throughout.

My grandmother has been grafted into the lineage of Christ because of her faith in Him. She is part of the continued Bible story.  She leaves a legacy of faith for us all to follow.

And today – whether protocol or not – I will remember her.  I will honor her.  I will celebrate her. 

Be assured that I thank God for those who were lost to us in defending our country (over 600,000 soldiers since Lexington and Concord); however, I also thank God that my grandmother provided an example for me and for many others of what faith in Christ looked like.