Week 11: Sermon and Our Week Together

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June 16,2013

  • Sermon series: 5 Angles
  • Sermon title:
  • Big Idea:  Quit standing around, and go!

Reminder: you can hear the sermons online. Click here for the site.

June 17 – 21, 2013 – Our Week Together

Readings and information provided by Pastor Kerry to the congregation in preparation for the sermon on June 16, 2013.


Each day note the progression of the gospel.  What were the catalysts; what were the obstacles? Each day consider how you are a catalyst or obstacle to the progression of the gospel? Pray that God gives you the wisdom and strength to be a catalyst!

Mon-Fri:  Memorize John 3:16 and write a response to it each day.


  • Mon: John 1-3: Who was Jesus, and why did he come?
  • Tues: John 4-6: Pick one miracle. What does it say about Jesus?
  • Wed: John 7-12: Consider the conflict surrounding Jesus. What claims of Jesus continue to cause conflicts today?
  • Thu: John 13-17: What word of encouragement from these passages did you need today? Why?
  • Fri: John 18-21: Take time to thank God for the resurrection.

These directions and questions will direct our reading and provide beginning thoughts for our posts on the blog this week.