Don’t Miss the Point

by Jen Woyke

My dad tells the story of when I was about 3 and he was driving to my grandparents’ house. It wasn’t a long drive, maybe 20 minutes, but he said I asked questions the entire way, without even waiting for an answer.

I’m still like that.

Strengthsfinder gives that trait the name “context.” I like to know the why of a situation. I hear it in my 8 yr old already. “Mom, I have a question.” It drives my husband crazy—don’t say you have a question– ask the question!

As I read and considered what to focus on for today’s post, I started and stopped many times. I looked at question after question to figure out what to focus on. I looked for a situation or story that I could relate to. And I got more and more frustrated as I typed and deleted because it just didn’t seem like I was “getting it.”

And then, sadly after days of starting and stopping, I realized I was missing the point of these chapters (John 7-12) completely.

I was focusing on individual questions and stories—the woman caught in sin, the blind man, Lazarus’ death—and not paying attention to the answers at all.

Just like that ride with my Dad.

Just like many of those who were following Jesus did. It’s so easy be critical of the people who followed him on earth—How could they not see? How could they not understand?

But that’s just where I found myself.

The answer that I was missing, again and again, was that Jesus is God! In each situation Jesus found himself in he revealed a little more of his character.

  • To the woman caught in adultery—He showed he is the God of forgiveness.
  • To the blind man—he is the Lord of the Sabbath.
  • To the Pharisees and teachers—he is the Fulfillment of the Law.
  • To Lazarus’ family and friends—he is the God of all comfort and the God of life!

As I tried to focused on the questions his followers asked what I was really doing was asking two very important questions:

  • “How do I fit into this passage?”
  • “How does this relate to me?”

In doing so,  I was missing the point completely.

The point is this: we serve a God who loves us, who loved me so much, that he became a man, he walked on this earth, and he did so to show me who he was.

I serve a God who forgives; a God who heals; a God who conquers death!

In the busyness of your time and circumstance today don’t miss the point like I did. Walk through today giving God the glory for all he does in your life and for all the ways he shows he is God.